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All those who go on an expedition have a uniform that they are supposed to wear. Their uniform identifies them with the expedition team to outsiders and reminds other soldiers on the expedition of who is part of their team. Though we do not require that your church purchase Expeditions shirts, we do highly recommend them.


Shirts help to identify the leaders of your program to parents of the children and parents of new visitors. Parents can be a little leery of leaving their child with just any adult who is standing in the church lobby. By having all of your leaders in uniform, you can notify parents of anyone who is approved by your church to get their child where they belong.


Shirts also give clubbers a greater sense of belonging to your group or being part of your club. Just as a soldier had to have their uniform pressed and ready for an Expedition, we encourage our explorers to be dressed and ready for their expedition. Uniforms are also helpful in preventing dress code issues in your church program.


Polo Shirts are available in a number of sizes for men, women, and children alike. All shirts come in a forest green color with the Expeditions logo over the left chest pocket area. Bulk discounts are available as well.





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