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We would love to hear your experience with the Expeditions program. Please click on the link to the right to fill out the survey. Keep the information below in mind as you fill out your survey. Your feedback is very important to us as we attempt to mold and shape the program into a better tool for churches to use to develop a heart for missions in their children. Thank you in advance for your comments and feedback.



Think about opening time. What are your thoughts on the object lessons, the words of the night, opening time games, the fun nights (such as crazy hat night or wacky tie night), and Bandit Billy...just as some starters....


Think about the children's materials. What did you think  about the overall content of the books (too hard?...too easy?) Did they emphasize missions appropriately? Did the kids seem to enjoy them and learn from them? The quality of the books?...just as some starters...


Were the lessons easy to use? Were the coloring pages helpful? What about the information about the missionary, the record keeping notebooks, and the leader's resources that are found on our website?...just as some starters....


In future, we are hoping to add craft books (for 3-5 year olds that go along with the lessons), game books with game ideas, audio drama presentations of the missionary's life, integration of some of the kid's checkpoints with our website, and more...  

Click the button below to take the survey. Thank you in advance for your comments and feedback.



Please fill out the following form on your experiences this past year

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