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Welcome back! We are excited to have your church join us again this fall. The renewal process for Expeditions is easy. We have a simple three step process to get your church all set up to begin. Start by clicking on the "Step 1 - Registration" button below which will walk you through the remainder of the registration process for the fall:                    


Once all the paperwork is in order, your church will be registered with Expeditions. You can also learn more about the program and how we can serve you by following the links below:

  • Take a brief tour to learn more about the program - (Click here

  • Place and order for your materials - (Click here)   

  • Download samples of the materials to view instantly - (Click here)   

  • Download samples of the Lessons to view instantly - (Click here)   

  • View the price list for the Expeditions materials - (Click here)     

  • View our Statement of Faith and Ministry Agreements- (Click here)   

  • Send us a question about the program - (Click here)



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