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Our brand new Tales of the Trail Storybooks bring to life the missionary stories found on each of our Expeditions. Each year's storybook includes 12 stories or lessons told in an first person format as though the missionary is telling the story to the children. Each lesson or story covers exciting stories and parts of the missionaries life and contains pictures to help the kids visualize what is going on. We hope you'll find our the new storybooks as a valuable addition to your lesson time.

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History is filled with so many exciting things that the Lord has done through the lives of great missionaries. Sadly, There is no way that we at Expeditions could possibly cover all of these missionaries' lives as separate Expeditions. In order to give everyone just a glimpse at some of the exciting things that God has done and is doing around the world, we are including four additional lessons/stories to each Expedition telling an exciting story from the lives of four other great missionaries of the past.

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We have replaced our former Training Camp Booklets with all new eight panel pamphlets called Boot Camps. These all new Boot Camp pamphlets will provide a much more concise yet powerful presentation of the gospel that can be put in the hands of all the children in your program, but especially all first time visitors to your church (much like a gospel tract can be used). The shorter format (eight panel pamphlet instead of a twenty-two page booklet) will allow all of the children to move into their Expeditions book much sooner. The much lower cost ($0.35 per booklet) will save your church money that you can in turn spend on other aspects of your ministry.


We have standardized our Expeditions uniforms to forest green polo shirts for all leaders and children. Though we do not require your church to purchase uniforms, we do highly recommend them. Uniforms help by identifying the leaders of your program to parents and visitors and help them feel more comfortable leaving their children in your care. Uniforms also provide unity in your club and let others know who is a member of your church’s club. Expeditions uniforms are available at a very affordable rate and bulk discounts are available.

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We have added several new fun night or theme night ideas to our website. Fun nights provide you with an opportunity to change things up a bit and do something fun and out of the ordinary with the kids. Our vault of fun night ideas now has over 55 different ideas to pull from. Please take a look under the "Leaders"  section on our website. You will need the password supplied to you on the last page of your Leader's Guide for the year.

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In response to their popularity, we have put together four separate wildlife lessons to go along with each of our Expeditions (the Africa Expedition, the Burma Expedition, the China Expedition, the England Expedition, and the India Expedition). These wildlife lessons focus on four of the animals that can be found on that particular expedition. Each wildlife lesson focuses on a specific behavior or trait of an animal that can act as an object lesson to help children better understand how a Christian is supposed to live.

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We have several new ideas of things we hope to make available very soon. These items include:

  • Games Ideas Books - to give you exciting game ideas for game time

  • Craft Ideas Books - providing crafts that correspond to each of our lessons for the younger ages

  • Vanuatu Expedition - a brand new Expedition site following missionary John Paton to the Islands of New Hebrides (off the coast of Australia)

  • Audio Dramas - offering each of our missioanry stories in an exciting audio drama format to really bring the stories to life

  • Interactive Elements - creating fun and  interactive elements between the children's books and our website which will help kids to gain an even better grasp on missions and missionaries.


Here's What's New and What's Coming Very Soon... 

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