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Fun Nights - At Expeditions, we understand how important the element of fun is to a children's program. Various fun activities encourage future attendance and additional opportunities for salvation and discipleship to occur. Throughout the year, we like to incorporate several fun nights or theme nights into the mix. Fun nights provide you with an opportunity to change things up a bit and do something out of the ordinary with the kids.


Children are given points for their team and sometimes prizes for their individual participation. We typically encourage churches to try to do a fun night every other week or every third week throughout the year. Spreading the fun nights out helps the children to be more excited and involved in them.


Our vault of over 60 fun night ideas continues to grow each year. The fun nights are divided into six categories based on how the night runs. These six categories are:


  • Group 1 – Fun Nights (Things That You Wear)

  • Group 2 – Fun Nights (Things That You Bring)

  • Group 3 – Fun Nights (Whole Group Team participation)

  • Group 4 – Fun Nights (Encouragin Book Completion)

  • Group 5 – Fun Nights (Missions Participation & Review)

  • Group 6 – Fun Nights (End of the Year Events)


Sample Fun Night Flyers - Click here for some sample Fun Night Flyers





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