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We know that the role of leader can be a demanding one. That's why we put together an entire new Leader's Guide for each year in the Expeditions program with all that you will need to make your year a success. Each year's Leader's Guide contains 38 new and unique lessons to that Expedition that are broken down into the following sections:


2 Introductory Lessons –- these two lessons help the kids understand what an Expedition is and the most important choice they can ever make…the choice of salvation.


8 Missionary Spotlight Lessons –- these eight lessons emphasize the life and ministry of the missionary that everyone is learning about in their books for the year (George Muller, Adoniram Judson, William Carey, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, etc.)


3 Missionary Participation Lessons - these three lessons help the children understand how they can be involved in missions right now by interacting, interceding, and investing in a current missionary that your church supports.


4 Wildlife Lessons –- these four lessons pick four animals found in the country that everyone is learning about and uses them as object lessons to illustrate Christian character traits.


4 Missionary Snapshot Lessons - these four lessons provide just a glimpse into the lives of some other great missionary heroes of the past. These lessons are a reminder that God is at work doing amazing things all around the world.


14 Pack or Not Lessons –- these fourteen lessons focus on some characters from the Bible. Just like real explorers, there are certain things a Christian should pack and some things they should leave behind in their Christian life.


3 Holiday Lessons –- these three lessons offer a special twist to your typical holiday lessons. This section includes a special Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Lesson.


Each one of our lessons contains: (1) an exciting object lesson competition to help peak interest and help the lesson to be remembered, (2) scripture application references, and (3) discussion/application questions to really help things to sink in.


Please click on the above links to view some PDF samples of a number of these types of lessons.





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