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The children work hard each year in completeing their books and should be rewarded for all their efforts. At the same time, we know (having been secretaries and commanders) the frustration that can come from having to order more buttons, pins, patches, stickers, and other awards each and every week throughout the year.


At Expeditions, we have designed a simple awards system that will award the children for their hard work and yet also avoids the requirement of frequently ordering patches and pins.


On the back of the each child’s book is a map which tells how far along the child is on the Expedition. At various camp sites in the book along the way the child is reminded to get a sticker from the leader (which is included in the record keeping notebook) and is encouraged to stick the sticker on the back of their book in the proper place.


At the end of the year, the children are awarded with medals just like a real soldier on an expedition would be. Our end of the year awards system is as follows:


Participation Certificate - the participation certificate is given to every child who came to Expeditions for the year.


Boot Camp Ribbon - the Boot Camp Ribbon is given to every child who completed the Boot Camp Booklet for the year.


Expedition Medal - A Expedition Specific medal (i.e. the England Expedition, China Expedition etc.) is given to every child who completes their Expedition book for the year.


Review Medal - A smaller review medal is given to any child who completes the review of their book for the year.


Beyond Medal - A Specific Beyond Medal (for instance, the Great Deep Expedition medal) is given to every child who completes a Beyond book for the year.


There are additional medals and awards that are also available (attendance awards, Christian Character awards, trophies, etc) that can be given out as well. Each church can decide which of our awards and medals that it would like to give out.



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