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After graduating from a Bible College in South Carolina, my wife Jillene and I moved to Colorado to pursue further schooling in the field of medicine. Not long after moving there, we were asked to come on board and assist a pastor who was starting a church plant in Parker, Colorado. I was given the privilege of serving as the church's youth pastor, children's pastor, and music pastor. After our first year at the church, I was unimpressed with the children's program that the church was using due to its cost and lack of ecclesiastical separation. I began the long process of researching other programs trying to find a suitable alternative. Months of research led only to frustration until finally in the summer of 2004 I began writing  my own curriculum and Expeditions was born.


In 2005, the Lord led us to move to Michigan with plans again of starting additional schooling. That fall, the pastor of our new church approached me about starting Expeditions at the church. Over the course of the next several years, the Lord led other churches to begin using the program. 


We have come along way in appearance and format since 2004. We are excited for your interest in the Expeditions program. We would be happy to send some samples to you, and to set up a meeting to either come to your church or simply talk with you over the phone about what the Lord is doing. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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