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----------------------------------  PRICES ----------------------------------


Current Materials Price List


(Click the link above to download the most recent copy of our price

list for our materials. Please see the discounts below as well.)



------------------------------  DISCOUNTS --------------------------------


Program Discount (SAVE $800 -$1400) - Switching from just about every other children’'s program out there to Expeditions can save your church between $800 -$1400 or more per year! (These figures are based on other program's price lists and assuming an attendance of 50 children)


Registration Discount (SAVE $105) - Register before June 28 and pay no registration costs for your first year in the program (that can be up to $105 in savings)


Referral Discount (SAVE $50) - Refer another church who starts Expeditions at their church and receive a $50 discount off of your church's registration costs.


Church Plant Discount (SAVE $20) - Missionary's churches and new church plants receive $20 off registration costs


Survey Discount (SAVE $5) - Save $5 on registration costs if your commander filled out a program survey for the previous year.


Link Discount (SAVE $5) -  Save $5 on registration costs by including a link to on your church's website (you may be asked to verify this).


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