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Missions can sometimes be a difficult thing to keep in forefront of people's minds in our churches. Many times our missionaries' pictures and letters find themselves somewhere down a back hallway of the church never really getting much of a glance or notice from the congregation.


What if we could place missions into a frontline ministry of your church and generate some genuine excitement toward missions especially within the next generation? We are excited to tell you all about our Expeditions program (for 3 year olds up through 6th grade) that we have designed specifically to help you develop a heart for missions in the children and families of your church.


Expeditions is a program that we strived from the beginning to make very affordable and low maintenance to take the strain off of both your budget and your staff. As you look through the information and samples, we hope that you will notice how our materials are centered on missions and missionary themes, Biblically educational, a lot of fun, and yet come with a price tag that will save the average church of 50 children approximately $800-$1200 a year on costs compared with just about every other children'’s program out there.


Perhaps you are completely satisfied with your current program, but if not, we ask you to take a moment and consider starting Expeditions at your church this coming fall.


Please take a look at the red arrows to the left to view some samples of our materials and learn more about our program and our ministry. Please start by clicking on the red arrow entitled "Overview".






Taking a Virtual Tour of Expeditions

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