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Ask your child to forgive you for something you did recently.


Pray for your child while in their presence at least one time per day. Keep it short, but put thought into what you say.


Pray often that God would help you to grow spiritually as a parent.


Keep your children involved in church. You go to school whether you feel like it or not. Church should be just as important in your family.


Tell your child on a regular basis that you love him.


Tell your child regularly that you'’re proud of them. Give a specific reason as to why.


Make their favorite dinner or have their favorite dessert and point it out that you are doing especially for them.


Devote yourself to only disciplining your child in love. This may mean delaying discipline for a few minutes while you collect your emotions and pray.


Learn the names of your child’s friends.


Take opportunity to praise your child in front of his teachers or peers.


Leave an inspirational quote on your child’s pillow before her bedtime.


Take off work early to cheer him on at an after-school activity.


Serve with your child somewhere in your church or community.


Plan a fun weekend or day trip away for just the two of you.


Celebrate your child’s successes with enthusiasm.


Be the first one to encourage your child when she experiences pain or failure.


Commit 30 minutes each day to them. Put the cell phone, facebook, and email away, shut off the TV and spend time with them.


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