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Ideas of Ways to expose your kids to even more of the missionfield:


  • Invite a missionary over to your home for a meal. Having contact with a real live missionary will be a blessing to your whole family.

  • Have a night where you talk about a different country and then make a food from that country for dinner.

  • Have a night where you turn all the lights off and sing by the moonlight and quote some verses and talk about them. Explain that some persecuted believers have to have church services like this in other countries.

  • Purchase a missionary biography book and read it as a family. The Christian Heroes Then & Now Series by Janet and Geoff Benge is a great series to read through.

  • Collect 7 missionary's prayer cards and hang them all on your refrigerator or on a large map of the world. Each night of the week pray for a different one of them.

  • Write a misssionary and see if one of their children or a child in their church would like to become pen pals with your child and write letters back and forth.

  • Do an internet/google search about a famous missionary of the past and learn about them.

  • Take your family on a church mission's trip and help a missionary on the field together.

  • Get a letter from one of the missionaries of your church and as a family sit down and read the letter and then write a letter to a missionary.

  • Pretend to be a missionary. Choose a country as a family. Learn about the people, food, animals, climate, religions, and language of that country. Look up how long it would take to get there from your house. See how much plane tickets cost, etc.


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