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Idea #1 - Chunk It

Start by breaking the passage into short phrases to learn. This will build your child’s confidence. 


Idea #2 - On the Move

Many children learn best by moving around. Add motions and movements to various words in their memory verse. Even have them help you to come up with the motions. When children learn movements they are less likely to “lose it” from their memory.


Idea #3 - Struck from the Record

Write the memory verse on a piece of paper or a dry erase board. Practice reading it once together and then take a black marker and cover up one of the words. Then, practice reading the verse again followed by covering up a second word. Continue this pattern until the entire verse is covered and the children are saying the verse from memory.


Idea #4 - Unsrambled

Write each word of the verse on separate index cards and mix them up. The child then spreads the cards out on the table or floor face-up and try to unscramble the words to put the verse in the correct order.


Idea #5 - One Word Conversation

Learn the verse one word at a time. Say a word then point to your child to supply the next word. Make sure they repeat the book, chapter, and verse before and after the verse so that it is engrained into their minds.


Idea #6 - Bounce Something Off of You

Bounce or roll a ball back and forth as each word of the verse is said. Start by saying the verse with your child as you pass the ball. As he/she learns the verse, each of you says a word of the verse as you pass the ball.


Idea #7 - Singing We Go

Put the verse to music or rhythm. Use a simple and familiar tune like "Mary had a little lamb", or "Twinkle, Twinkle little star." Your child will enjoy singing and clapping their hands. And, if you are super creative, add hand motions to the verse. Children are mobile and learn best while moving about.


Idea #8 - Do You See What I See

Write the verse in plain view and in common areas such as on the bathroom mirror or bedroom windows. Write it on a notecard and put it on the fridge or on their dresser. Then, encourage your child to review the verse every time they come into contact with it. You may even erase words and see if they notice the missing word.


Idea #9 - Give Me a Letter

Print the first letter of each word in a verse on a chalkboard or paper. As your child uses the first letters as clues to the next word, he is actually memorizing the verse."


After a Passage Has Been Memorized:

Put your flash cards in a special envelope or container and review the verses they have learned so they do not forget them. You do not want all the time spent to memorize a passage to go to waste and easily forgotten. Periodically, review the passages and begin learning a new passage.


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