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Expeditions is an exciting and adventure-filled children's program designed for children ages 3 years old up through the 6th grade. The program places a strong emphasis on missions, scripture memory, and developing Christian character. Each year in the curriculum the children go on a different expedition to a different place around the world. While there, the children learn all about a great missionary of the past and how God used them. The children's books and the lessons taught each night focus on helping the children to understand more about what missions is, how they can support missionaries around the world right now, and how they can become a great soldier in the army of the Lord.


There are five key times each night that your child will participate in:


#1 - Opening Time -

Every Expedition needs a plan to be successful. Aimless wandering around a jungle is not something that is encouraged. Opening time helps to identify your plan for the night…. Your child will learn all about what the word of the night is and all about any exciting upcoming events.


#2 - Book Time -

Every Expedition needs a map. Book time focuses on teaching kids to hide God'’s word in their hearts, meditate upon what it says, and use it as a guide for their life…. Each week your child will have time in book time to complete various checkpoints out of their books. Please work with your child at home on learning the verses or competing the games found in their books so that they can be signed off by the leader's each week.


#3 - Lesson Time -

Every Expedition requires special gear and equipment. Lesson time helps the children to see the items that they should “put on” and those to “put off” in their lives… in order to be great soldiers in the Lord's army . Your child will hear a lesson each week that will help them to grow in the Lord.


#4 - Game Time -

Every Expedition had room for fun at times. Your child will have some time each night to play various games that help build teamwork and encourage fun, and help to get out a little energy as well….


#5 - Closing Time -

Every Expedition is only over when all the explorers have made it back safely. Closing time makes sure that your child makes it back to you and that your child hears all about the fun that awaits them next week….


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