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Each night of Expeditions consists of five key times. These five time are: 


#1 - Opening Time -

Every Expedition needs a plan to be successful. Aimless wandering around a jungle is not something that is encouraged. Opening time helps to identify your plan for the night….


#2 - Book Time -

Every Expedition needs a map. Book time focuses on teaching kids to hide God’s word in their hearts, meditate upon what it says, and use it as a guide for their life….


#3 - Lesson Time -

Every Expedition requires special gear and equipment. Lesson time helps the children to see the items that they should “put on” and those to “put off” in their lives… in order to be great soldiers in the Lord's army .


#4 - Game Time -

Every Expedition had room for fun at times. Truth be told, a majority of visitors and children return each night because of the fun times they have and the friends that they make. Game time encourage future attendance for additional opportunities in evangelism and discipleship….


#5 - Closing Time -

Every Expedition is only over when all the explorers have made it back safely. Closing time makes sure that your explorers make it onto the right boat home and that you relay the fun that awaits next week….


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