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Expeditions explores six different locations around the world following six great missionaries of the past. The locations rotate on six year cycle. Each year the children will go on a different Expedition to one of these different places. While there, the children will learn all about the life and ministry of the missionary and will also learn interesting facts about the country, climate, animals, food, religion, people and the culture of that country as well. The six Expeditions locations include:


- The Burma Expedition with Missionary Adoniram Judson

- The India Expedition with Missionary William Carey

- The Africa Expedition with Missionary David Livingstone

- The China Expedition with Missionary Hudson Taylor

- The England Expedition with Missionary George Mueller

- The Vanuatu Expedition with Missionary John Paton


Unlike sports stars, hollywood actors, presidents, and billionaires who will let you down, we hope to demonstrate to kids the excitement and blessing of having a life dedicated to the Lord. Sports stars, talk show hosts, and beautiful people will be forgotten, but those who give their life to the Lord will reap eternal rewards for their efforts. For all eternity, they will have the thanks of those for whom they gave their life to reach with the wonderful message of the gospel.


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