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Expeditions is a ministry program of Expeditions, LLC. It is designed and licensed to be used by local churches in the youth programs of their church. The Church agrees to use the Expeditions program materials in a manner that is consistent with the principles that have been outlined and expressed in this Ministry Agreement.


The licensing term of this Ministry Agreement is for a period of one year. This Ministry Agreement will automatically renew for additional one-year terms when Expeditions, LLC receives and accepts the Church’s annual registration fee and the signed Statement of Faith and Expeditions Ministry Agreement.


The Church and Expeditions, LLC agree that the Church that uses the Expeditions program materials, is not a division, branch, extension, or department of Expeditions LLC. The Church and Expeditions, LLC also agree that the church is an independent purchaser and licensee and that Expeditions, LLC is the provider and licensor of the Expeditions program materials.


The Church agrees that it is solely responsible for all aspects of its youth programs, including all aspects of its Expeditions program and any other program within the Church that uses Expeditions program materials. The Church is therefore solely responsible for selecting and directing all activities, games, and religious instruction, for selecting, maintaining and operating all equipment, vehicles, facilities and materials used in the Expeditions program, for selecting, training, and supervising all children and parents who participate in the Expeditions program, and for screening, selecting, training and supervising all volunteers, employees, and other personnel involved in and who plan, direct and carry out its Expeditions program. The Church is solely responsible for the safety of all children and adults who are involved or participate in any way in its Expeditions program. Volunteers, employees and other personnel involved in the Church’s Expeditions program are not in any way volunteers, employees or personnel of Expeditions, LLC, but are solely volunteers, employees and personnel of the Church.


The Church shall defend, and hold harmless Expeditions, LLC and its successors and assigns, directors, officers, employees and agents for all claims, damages, and liability arising out of the Church’s Expeditions program or otherwise out of its use of Expeditions program materials, including but not limited to claims against Expeditions, LLC and its employees and other personnel, and claims brought by or against the Church, its members, employees, and participants in its Expeditions program and other youth programs, whether or not members of the Church. This provision survives the termination of this Ministry Agreement.


The Church agrees that in using the Expeditions program materials and carrying out its Expeditions program it shall remain compliant with all applicable local, state and federal laws, and shall maintain a policy or policies of insurance adequate to cover physical and other injuries to children and adults participating in, conducting, or leading its Expeditions program and other programs using Expeditions program materials.


The Church agrees that all copyrights, trademarks, trade names, service marks and similar intellectual property rights in and to the Expeditions program materials provided by Expeditions, LLC under this Ministry Agreement, including the “Expeditions” name, are the property of Expeditions, LLC and are owned solely and exclusively by Expeditions, LLC. The Church agrees that it will not reproduce or use the Expeditions program materials in the production or sale of proprietary materials without the written permission from Expeditions, LLC. The Church agrees that it will not modify the Expeditions program materials in any fashion.


The Church may use the Expeditions program materials only while this Ministry Agreement is in effect. Such use shall be confined solely to the conduct and promotion of the Church’s Expeditions program. The Church shall not assign or transfer any rights under this Ministry Agreement to another entity, group or person without prior written consent from Expeditions, LLC.


This Ministry Agreement will terminate on failure of the Church to renew it by submitting its annual registration fee, or on Expeditions, LLC’s refusal to accept the fee. Either party may terminate this Ministry Agreement at any time prior to the end of the current term in its sole discretion and without cause by giving written notice to the other party. The Church agrees not to use any of the Expeditions program materials following termination of this Ministry Agreement.



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