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Registration Fees - Fees are broken down into various tiers based on the number of children you have in the program:      


 - Tier 1 - ($55) - A total of 1-10 children attending

 - Tier 2 - ($80) - A total of 11-25 children attending     

 - Tier 3 - ($110) - A total of 26-45 children attending     

 - Tier 4 - ($120) - A total of 46-65 children attending      - Tier 5 - ($130) - A total of 66-85 children attending     

 - Tier 6 - (140) - A total of more than 86 children attending




Discounts - this following discounts are available to make the program more affordable for your church:      


 - $50 off for referring another church to us who starts

     Expeditions this fall (may need to be verified)    

 - $35 off for submitting you renewal application before the

    June deadline     

 - $20 off if your church is a new church plant     

 - $5 off for filling out a program survey for this past year      

 - $5 off for having a link to Expeditions on your church's

      website (may need to be verified) 




Just as a person would not purchase a car with parts of the engine missing and expect the car to run smoothly and efficiently, we wish to ensure that those using our program have the right resources in place to allow for the program to run smoothly and efficiently in their church. To ensure that this occurs, each church must order one of the following Commander's Kits:      


  • Commander's Kit 1 (For any new church with less than 35 children in the program). This Kit includes: (1)        Commander's Notebook, and (1) Combined Record Keeping Notebook.      

  • Commander's Kit 2 - (For any new church with 36 children or more in the program). This kit includes: (1) Commander's Notebook, (1) Leader's Guide, (1) 3 - 5 Year Old Record Keeping Notebook, (1) 1st - 2nd Grade Record Keeping Notebook, (1) 3rd - 4th Grade Record Keeping Notebook, and (1) 5th - 6th Grade Record Keeping Notebook.

  • Commander's Kit 3 - (For any church renewing their registration). All churches are required to purchase at least (1) Commander's Notebook,  (1) Commander's Notebook Update pack, or (1) Leader's Guide with the current year's lessons and materials.     


Step 1 of the Registration Process

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