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Join us this fall as we travel to the far off land of India. Explore this mysterious place filled with many unique traditions and people who are in desperate need for the light of the gospel to shine on their hearts.


Our Expedition this year follows a great missionary named William Carey. From the moment William set foot on its shores, the land of India would never again be the same.


Learn about some wildlife you would find in India in our exciting India Wildlife Lesson Series. Learn interesting facts and Biblical lessons from the honey badger, tiger, rhinoceros, and cobra this year. 


Explore what it may be like to grow up in a place like India. Learn all about the languages, foods, and many other interesting facts about the people and cultures of India.


This year we'll also get just a glimpse at some of the amazing, true, and exciting stories from the lives of other heroes like John Paton, Darlene Diebler Rose, Hudson Taylor, and David Brainerd.   


Each year, each of the children's books focus on a different Fruits of the Spirit. This year's books focus on Kindness (3-5 yr. olds), Joy (Grades 1-2), Peace (Grades 3-4), Faith (Grades 5-6).


With William Carey

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